WordPress Retina plugin list

To make your website look beautiful and crisp you definitely choose retina display for your website. To create retina image you can use html,css and javascripts. For wordpress website you can use a plugin to auto creating retina image. Below is the list of best wordpress retina image plugin.

01. WP Retina 2x

nowmail — WordPress Plugins

This plugin does two things: it creates the image files required by the High-DPI devices and it displays them to your visitors accordingly. Your website will look beautiful and crisp on every device! The retina images will be generated for you automatically (though you can also do it manually) and served to the retina devices. The concept of retina images for full-size images is also a very unique feature which is only provided by this plugin (which is why it became unique).

02. Imagify Image Optimizer

Imagify Image Optimizer — WordPress Plugins

Speed up your website with lighter images without losing quality.

Imagify is the most advanced image compression tool, you can now use this power directly in WordPress. After enabling it all your images including thumbnails and retina images from WP Retina x2 will be automatically optimized on the fly when you will add in into WordPress.

03. Kraken Image Optimizer

Kraken Image Optimizer — WordPress Plugins

This plugin allows you to optimize and resize new and existing WordPress image uploads through Kraken Image Optimizer’s API.

Both lossless and intelligent lossy optimization modes are supported. Supported filetypes are JPEG, PNG and GIF (including animated). Maximum filesize limit is 32 MB. Even when using Kraken.io’s lossy optimization, our system goes the extra mile to ensure that the results are of high quality, every time. You can just install the plugin and stop worrying. For more details, including detailed documentation and plans and pricing, please visit Kraken.io.

04. Preloader

Add preloader to your website easily, responsive and retina, full customize, compatible with all major browsers.

05. Retina @2x

Retina @2x — WordPress Plugins

This plugin adds a simple Javascript to your WordPress website that will check for each image if there is a retina version available.

When you have – for example – a logo of 200 by 200 pixels called “Logo.png”, you will need to upload a second image of 400 by 400 pixels called “Logo2@x.png” in the exact same directory.