Top 11 Best Free WordPress Related Posts Plugins

WordPress related post plugins can be really effective in reducing the bounce rate of your site to a huge extent. Bounce rate is a very important factor for any blog and you need to do everything to reduce it.

The engagement of users in your site can influence the search result position of your site in the Search engine like Google, so you need to understand the process to improve user experience and make it really easy for them to find more content of their interest easily on your blog.

Related posts plugins enable webmasters, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs to make loyal readers out of their viewership by presenting them with content that’s not on your front page anymore. Adding related posts functionality has proven to be quite effective in making your readers stay on your site a while longer and perhaps navigate to another page while they’re at it.

However, if you can’t find a quality theme which shows related posts by default. You can use any WordPress related post plugin from this list to achieve that.

#01. JetPack Plugin – Related Posts 

The JetPack plugin from Automatic tends to get a bit of a bad name from seasoned WordPress users. Usually this is because of the number of modules it bundles into the package. However recently this has changed, enabling you to turn off modules you’re not using which stops the plugin from using up more of your site’s resources.

The Related Posts module from JetPack is one module that’s well worth turning on. Simple to use and effortless to configure, it enables you to display related content as either a list of links, or with large, attractive thumbnail images.

#02. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP) is one of the most popular related post plugins available. The plugin allows you to link to posts relevant to the current article, either at the bottom of the post, or in the sidebar. You can also choose between a list and thumbnail view.

Despite the name, the plugin does not just support related “posts” — it works just as well with pages and custom post types, giving you plenty of flexibility.

#03. Shareaholic

The Shareaholic plugin for WordPress, is another tool that has multiple functions. Not only can you display related posts, but you can use the plugin to encourage users to share your content or follow your Social Media profiles too.

This plugin is fairly easy to install and get up and running. The settings are simple and take minutes to configure, while the code is clean and won’t hog many resources. If you really want to, you can also use Shareaholic as part of your monetization strategy, by earning revenue through their promoted content system.

#04. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is the another powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to display related posts. It supports thumbnails, short codes, widgets and custom post types.

As well as the standard thumbnail image associated with the article, Contextual Related Posts also allows you to include a short excerpt below — you can set the number of characters you want visible. Your related posts can be fully restyled, too, courtesy of custom CSS.

#05. Related Posts

A very handy WordPress related post plugin, it can automatically show related posts from your site at the bottom of each post. It also provides an option to show content from other site written by other authors that will encourage your users to come back to your site regularly to discover new articles of their interest.

#06. WP-Thumbie

WP-Thumbie adds related post with vertical listing. It includes thumbnails, post name and  first 1 or 2 lines of the article. It has great customize option. Display a list of related posts along with thumbnail images of those posts for the current post.

#07. Related Posts

Yuzo is a plugin with a minimalist design and features that allow you to insert related posts directly into new articles. It’s pretty lightweight and as easy to install as any of the other plugins I’ve mentioned so far, however it falls short in terms of monetization as is doesn’t include revenue sharing

As well as being one of the quickest plugins around, Yuzo is also one of the more stylish, utilizing a beautiful, minimal design.

Yuzo offer free, dedicated support via their website so you’ll never be far from some help if you find yourself in difficulty. Further to this, you can customize how and which posts you’d like to display yourself, giving you greater control on your user-flow.

#08. Inline Related Posts

Sometimes people look for plugins that are easy to use so that they would not have to work through hundreds and hundreds of complicated settings and complex codes just to get what they want. And most of the time, people look for plugins in which they would not have to put in any work at all.

inside a widget box where your content is. In a way, it catches the reader’s eye in an instant and 70% of the time the reader is most likely to open the related content increasing the page’s views just like that.

#09. upPrev

upPrev is very easy and simple Related Post Plugin. upPrev Plugin is animated flyout box with related content. A box will slide out from bottom left or right corner with a related post when readers scroll to the bottom of the article. This sliding  will draw readers attention for further reading.

#10. Editorial Assistant by Zemanta

The Zemanta Editorial Assistant is like your own personal Editor sitting inside your WordPress dashboard. While it doesn’t include revenue sharing via advertisements, it does allow you to link not only to your own related content, but also content from other users of their network.

It’s a bit like a case of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”. The idea being that if you share other bloggers blog posts, they’ll share yours in return, ultimately leading to better traffic and engagement for you both.

#11. Related Posts by Zemanta

Another very powerful WordPress related post plugin by Zemanta, the best part of this tool is that admin can curate and show customized related posts to drive more traffic to specific posts. This feature will specially help to drive users to your profit-making articles.

As far as the style is concerned, it comes with number of beautiful ready to use themes with different thumbnail sizes. If you don’t want to use those you can manually customize the look and feel of the widget with custom CSS and other advanced settings.