This site can’t be reached || server DNS address could not be found

Server Could Not Be Found error is often caused because of the DNS server settings. You might already be knowing what a DNS server is. I can give you a quick brush up. They can efficiently do their jobs if they are told things in a language that they understand. But if humans are expected to use the language of computers, then that will lead to a lot of errors. So what is the solution? Let humans tell things in human languages and let computers be told things in computer languages. A little translator in between the humans and computers can make this possible. How does that sound? That’s exactly what a DNS server does. A Domain Name Server(DNS) resolves the name of the website that you enter, to an IP address that can be understood by the computer. But DNS servers are not error free. They do fail at times and that’s when your browser finds it difficult to display the web page that you have requested and it notifies you about this situation by throwing the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED : The Server Could Not Be Found error. So, mostly, if you correct your DNS settings, this problem will be resolved. And yes, of course, we have the solutions all neatly arranged in steps just for you. Read on, to solve this little tiff that you have with your browser right now.

Solution 1 : Flush DNS To Refresh Contents:
(@) If none of this works, then open command prompt(Run as Administrator) and run these:

 ipconfig /flushdns
 ipconfig /registerdns
 ipconfig /release
 ipconfig /renew
 NETSH winsock reset catalog
 NETSH int ipv4 reset reset.log
 NETSH int ipv6 reset reset.log

Solution 2 : Change DNS Server Settings:
(@) Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center > Click Change Adapter setting> Right click select properties of wifi> select internet protocol version 4 > click on use the following DNS server address and type either of the 2 DNS given below.

GooglesDNS -->Preferred DNS server as: 
              Alternate DNS server as:
OpenDNS -->Preferred DNS server as: 
           Alternate DNS server as:

Note: I would make the same suggestion to you if you are having the same issue; contact your domain name providers.