The 20 Best Free WordPress Photoshop Plugins

Adobe Photoshop, designers’ most loved tool to test their creativity and give shape to the creative ideas comes endowed with not one or two cool features. Infact, there is so much in store for us all that if we start exploring, we will be amazed as to how something that as a layman would appear tricky to design, would become an easy task if we have a good hold on it.

Adobe Photoshop is the best photo manipulation tool you could ever find. It has an unrivalled set of tools and a community of third party developers who are constantly new add-ons to make PS more popular.

Regular, updated plugins and highly functional extensions continue to make Adobe Photoshop a must have tool. Below is a list of twenty free Photoshop plugins that, as a designer, you’ll feel compelled to try.

01. CSS3PS

This plugin converts your Photoshop layers into CSS3 layers. It achieves the live-rendered effects that come with CSS. So it automatically converts the outer glows, drop shadows, text and rounded corners, and strokes to CSS3. It can save a developer some valuable time.

02. Web font plugin

This plugin will allow designers to create a website with same fonts that will appear on live website using web fonts.

03. Cut and Slice Me

Cut and Slice Me as its name implies, helps you cut images to serve as assets to your website for further coding. It gives you the one-click ease to realize your web design dreams! What I like about this plug-in is it’s convenience. Just select, then click. It’s also very versatile! It cuts the images the way you want them to be.

04. Zeick

This is a CC plugin for Photoshop which allows user to send vector shape layer to SVG documents. This is suitable for developing small shapes as well as making SVG icons.


One of the best free Photoshop plugin available right not that comes with 7 scripts which makes designer’s life easier. Using this plugin, you have great control over renaming files, you can easily remove unused effects, delete empty layers or flatten all layers, find similar files or objects, etc.

06. Perfect Effects 3

Perfect Effects 3 free is a handy tool for getting quick effects on an image. It can be colour treatment, an addition of texture and noise, or creative borders. It has an effects library as well, kind of like the filter gallery in Photoshop.

07. CSS Hat

CSSHat is a tool that makes your webpages magically pop out of a hat. It is an amazing plug-in that helps you code your CSS! Just select the layer, copy the code to the clipboard and enjoy life. What’s good about CSSHat is it is simple and easy to manipulate because the syntax it uses is more readable.

 08. Render Ly 

This plugins allow users to put in variants to screen, detailed design specifications, manage assets, automatically send the specs in just a matter of second. The technology is good enough to send just the elements which were altered. Due to the newest Adobe Generator expertise this is regarded as the fastest photoshop plugin available out there and the only plugin that functions seamlessly and flawlessly in the setting.


Using this free Photoshop plugin, you can easily find icons without leaving your work window. While the free version, only allows 10 searches per page and you have to give the credit when using the icons, paid version is for both commercial and personal use.

10. SuperPNG

You must obviously be familiar with the amount of time it can take Photoshop to render files to PNG. SuperPNG fixes this by offering more control over your image export and PNG output. It balances between speed and file size, and control over the alpha channel and Metadata.

11. Subtle Patterns

Do you want to create cool and very detailed background patterns for your website or design? Well, this plug-in is for you. With a vast database of uploaded patterns, Subtle Patterns helps the designer to choose a pattern easily. Thus removing the burden of creating (or searching for) them! You’re ensured of the quality of patterns here as they are created by the users themselves. Plus, they are very subtle.

 12. Tych Panel

This automates the procedure of laying out side by side pictures. This makes it simple to make diptychs, quadtychs, triptychs and an almost unlimited sort of custom layouts. Gone are the days of dirty templates, try this plugin now. This will surely give you a twirl as it is really dead simple.

13. INK

Ink is a very useful Photoshop plugin that will help you to provide specific information while documenting your layers so that your mockup with become more informative.

14. Tych Panel 2

Tych Panel 2 makes it easy to create multiple panels with Photoshop. Just select the alignment, number of rows and columns, or hybrid layouts. Plus, it uses Smart Objects and layer masks to avoid destructive editing.

15. Mr. Stacks

Mr. Stacks converts layers into a storyboard view. It structures your individual comps into a layout that can be easily output as PDF for sharing and printing, thereby making Photoshop a great place to create a storyboard. You’ll be saved from all the dull positioning and exporting which is normally generated manually.

16. Perfect Resize

This software, formerly known as Genuine Fractals, is mainly a photographic plug-in that allows you to blow up images without destroying the sharpness of the picture. This is good for doing background images, or headers. Try it. You can have a 30-day trial. This plug-in can now be also bought as a stand alone software.

17. Social Kit

This plugin hosts customizable templates. It caters to four of the biggest social networks, which are Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube. It also provides a variety of interactive social buttons.

Every layout is sliced and adjustable, and the plugin consequently updates when there is any change. You can see your design changes progressively. You can also add contributors.

18. BlendMe.In is a very useful plugin for both Photoshop and Illustrator. It lets you search thousands of assets, and you can simply drag and drop them into you canvas. It causes no interruptions. All the icons are vector format.
The interface resides within the Photoshop panel. It’s unpretentious and makes it simple to drag resources onto your canvas.


Available as a free download at, this plugin will allow you to search images on Flickr directly in Photoshop.

20. Skeuomorphism

With the explosion of the flat design trend, skeumorphic websites will definitely have trouble transforming their designs to flat. (That is, if they want to ride the bandwagon) But with, you will be able to transform your skeumorphic PSD layout to a flat design! Well, what it actually does is it removes the unneeded layer effects of the design. But it’s a pretty good plug-in to download.