How to add image gallery or slide show to your posts or web pages?

Why you need ?

Image gallery or slide show co-exist with post or web pages add a dynamic look to anyone website. Many time people does a lots of hard work behind their websites but they can’t draw attention as much as they need based on their work. So this is one of the way to satisfy your users during the time of visiting and make a clear impression on their mind to come back and back again. It also ensure that each and everyone get their proper working value for websites. So try this and make yourself a better web developer .

How to do that?

First install a plugin named jetpack on your wordpress dashboard. Now you each and every time click add media to create a new post or pages there is a option at left-upper corner name Create Gallery. Click on that and you are free to chooser upload your photos for gallery or slide show as many as you need then click insert gallery now you have access to gallery settings. On gallery setting you are free to choose image size. Now pretty important one if you want to create a image gallery on gallery settings type select thumbnail grid or you want create a slide show on gallery setting type select slide show. You have successfully able to add image gallery or slide show to your post or pages and you have a lots of featured at jetpack plugin for many changes.