Best WordPress Footer Plugins

Technically, a footer is a section of the website that is separated from the main body. It can contain information, images, banner and other vital information necessary to make the site complete. But, why does it get ignored? And, even if it exploit, most of the time is not used in the best likely way. Sometimes it cluttered with information, tags, categories, and you get the picture. Also, customizing themes footer is a tough job and takes a lot of time to get going.

You can also use the footer section to showcase the social proof and encourage more users to follow your site through their social profile. In this post, we have collected some of the best WordPress footer plugins which will help you to create a great looking fully optimized footer section for your WordPress Site.

#1. Header and Footer

This is another really useful plugin to customize your header and footer section. You can use this plugin to add any HTML code to your footer section such as the Google Analytics code. With Header and Footer plugin you can just copy the code those services give you in a centralized point to manage them all. You can also use this plugin to add the code above and below your WordPress post as well as a page which will be really helpful if you want to add any advertisement banner in that location.

#2.  Royal Footer Bar

Royal Footer Bar is one of the most useful footer plugins for WordPress, it offers you a number of different option to take advantage of the footer section. This is a fully customizable and fully responsive bar which will help you to get more subscribers or to convert your site visitors into customers.

You can use this bar plugin as the email opt-in tool which will capture users name and email that can integrate with all the leading email service providers like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse and a number of other services. You can use the bar to show any ad for your special offers so that you can increase the click-through rate of the ad.

#3. Genesis Footer Builder

Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and also offers the right mix of features for the developers and the webmasters. Genesis Footer Builder is what you need if you want to customize the footer of a Genesis theme.

The plugin offers basic customization option. It can be use add copyright message, add privacy policy and disclaimer hyperlink in the footer and you can also use the brand name and the necessary copyright associated with it.

#4. Add to Footer

Add to the footer is a very simple WordPress footer plugin which you can use to add almost anything to your footer section.

Add to Footer allows you to add any HTML or JS code to the footer for your WordPress theme. This ensures that you don’t need to keep adding the same code in case you change your theme. Simply enter the settings once and you’re good to go!

#5. YITH Footer Banner

A beautiful free WordPress theme to enhance your footer section, it comes with the option to advertise your product as well as to collect emails for your newsletter.

The plugin offers you a very easy to use, comprehensive admin back-end which you can use to customize the look and feel of the footer banner.

#6. WP leFooter

LeFooter is a WordPress footer plugin that gives you additional Slide Up Footerfeatures on websites. A highly customizable custom footer that can be easily integrated on your sites with five predefined themes & textures with color styling settings. Multiple slide up footer animation selection powered by jQuery easing can be added and running in no time.

#7. Footer Putter

This WordPress footer plugin will take care of everything which needs to be incorporated in the footer section of your site.

This plugin adds a copyright widget and a trademark widget and all the important links like Contact, Privacy and Terms and Conditions Pages etc. Footer Putter is one of the most comprehensive and free available plugins in the WordPress marketplace. It offers almost all the necessary functionality, and it is free of cost.

The copyright statement created with this plugin will change automatically as the year changes. If you run a business site using WordPress where you need to display your content details, this plugin makes it easy for you to include your telephone number, address and email ID in the footer section.

#8. Simple Sticky Footer

With the help of this plugin, you can make any WordPress post, page or any rich text document as the sticky footer. This is a great WordPress footer plugin for the product selling websites. If you have a product to promote, you can set it as the sticky footer and drive more traffic to that product page.

#9. Menu on footer

Menu on footer is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and also offers the right mix of features for the developers and the webmasters. Create a simple configurable unrolled menu on your in a widget or in your wp_footer.

#10. Personal Admin Footer

Personal Admin Footer is one of those hidden gems that one may want to use. All great for normal users, but what happens when registered to your site logins into the dashboard? The normal message that is shown as the footer of the dashboard is “Thank you for creating with WordPress”. Well, it is great and sounds melodramatic sometimes, but the real question is it useful?

No! A much better option is to customize it and enter your unique message for all the registered users who are using the backend of your website. The plugin works out of the box, just active and boom its working.

#11. Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Headers and Footers is a simple plugin that lets you add scripts like Google Analytics to your WordPress site without having to get your hands dirty in code. Moreover, the simple interface gives you one place where you can add all of you scripts rather than dealing with dozens of plugins

#12. Genesis Widgetized Footer

Changing the footer ‘Return to Top’ and ‘Copyright/Credits’ in Genesis is relatively easy using Genesis Footer Shortcodes or other plugins, but with the aid of this plugin it will makes your task easier.

#13. Genesis Custom Footer

This plugin adds a section to the Genesis Theme Settings page where users can enter HTML to output in the site footer in place of the default Genesis footer credits. You can use any of the existing Genesis footer shortcodes, your own HTML, or just simple text.