21 Best Free Photo Gallery Plugins For WordPress

Beautiful visual graphics are essential for a good website. Images play a very important role in attracting new readers, so having beautiful photo galleries on your website is a must especially if you have a portfolio website!

To help you narrow down the total candidates, today, we’re going to give you a collection of some useful free gallery plugins you should try. These plugins are picked based on their outstanding functions and their usage.

In this post, we have collected some of the best Photo Galley plugins for WordPress that will help you to add Photo Galley to your WordPress site easily.

01. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins around. It allows batch uploading and management of image galleries, slideshow and thumbnail style galleries, editing of thumbnails. It also allows one to turn group galleries into albums and various other features that can really give a striking look to one ‘s website.

02. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is one of those uber-popular plugin juggernauts. And among its many elements, you will find an excellent gallery module.

It integrates with the standard way of handling image galleries in WordPress, so it’s really simple to use, and it allows you to insert your galleries to any post or page. The module gives you three cool styles for your galleries: a rectangular mosaic, a square mosaic, and a circular grid.

03. W3 Total Cache

Speed is an important factor for all websites. For photography websites, it is even more important because images are usually the most time consuming elements on the page.

Using W3 Total Cache, you can improve your page load speed significantly. Combining W3 Total Cache with MaxCDN can magically improve your site’s page speed scores dramatically. See our guide on how to install and set up W3 Total Cache for beginners.

04. Foo Gallery

Let’s kick off with Foo Gallery, a superb WordPress gallery plugin we got from Bradvin in conjunction FooPlugins, the same guys who brought us the FooBox plugin. Upload your images and videos to this baby easily, and then showcase them to the entire world via eye-catching lightboxes.

Foo Gallery is 100% responsive, comes with drag & drop functionality, multiple gallery templates, NextGEN import tool, support for the native WordPress visual display and editing features, shortcodes, FooBox support and custom CSS among other features.

05. Regenerate Thumbnails

WordPress automatically saves your images into multiple sizes. Your WordPress theme can add additional image sizes. However, when new sizes are added to WordPress the old images are not available in those new sizes. Regenerate Thumbnails is a must have tool for all WordPress photography sites. It allows you to solve common image issues by running this simple script.

06. Easy Image Gallery

As its name, this plugin is extremly easy tool to upload your galleries. Galleries are automatically appended to your bottom of your posts and pages. You can also use its shortcode to insert your gallery to any positions in your posts and pages. Especially, fancyBox and prettyPhoto are supported that you can simply select in its Settings section.

Easy Image Gallery is a suitable choice for users who enjoy simplification and desire to create a simple galleries. If you are interest in this plugin, don’t hesitate to try it right now!

07. Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery is a plugin which provides an easy way to display grid galleries, photo albums, galleries with pagination and Google Maps and Google Street View as well. You can also embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites. This allows for more interactivity on your site and gives a better experience too.

08. Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is perfect for using for creating various portfolios or gallery within various views. The product allows adding descriptions and titles for each portfolio gallery. It is rather useful whenever using with various pages and posts, as well as within custom location.

09. Huge-IT Image Gallery

A very interesting gallery plugin that handles your images somewhat differently than anything else on this list. Apart from the various gallery layouts available, you also get to use custom titles and descriptions that get shown alongside your images.

With this plugin, you can display your images inside a grid layout, a masonry layout, you can use different sliders, and you also get a nice pop-up/lightbox functionality.

10. Gallery

Even though the name of this gallery plugin for WordPress could suggest otherwise, this is actually a quite advanced tool. It delivers a range of features and many possibilities regarding the appearance and behavior of your image galleries.

You can use Gallery to create both image and video galleries, there are great editing tools, and every gallery is responsive. Lastly, there are additional features if you go for the pro version.

11. Grand Flagallery

Grand Falgallery is a combination of different functions that helps you to show the best of your products. With this smart choice, you can beatify your site by creating your amazing photo galleries, creating mp3 player or video playlist, banner rotator, nivo slider or nice slideshow widgets. Moreover, all pages using Grand Galleries are separated in a section; thus, you can manage your galleries and their positions easily.

12. Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo Gallery is based on the Bootstrap framework and allows tiy to add unlimited images on WordPress website. It also provides light box preview using a fading animation effect. The shortcode  can be used to publish photo galleries into any page of your WordPress site. Other important features are simple and easy admin gallery dashboard, two design layouts, hover colour opacity effect and much more.

13. NextCellent Gallery

This WordPress gallery plugin offers diverse and powerful functionality for getting images from your desktop to your website. You can easily upload batches of images via a standard WordPress-style uploader, or upload images via zip file or FTP.

14. Gmedia Photo Gallery

Gmedia goes beyond the realm of WordPress gallery plugins; it is a powerful media library brought to us by Rattus, the same author behind the Grand Flagallery plugin.

With a comprehensive interface that can handle whatever you throw at it, Gmedia Gallery is the plugin you need to extend your default WordPress media library. You can manage files, play music and create amazing galleries/slideshows in the time it takes to brew a mug of coffee.

15. Gallery Bank

Gallery Bank is a responsive WordPress plugin. It helps in the creation of stylish and beautiful image galleries, list albums, grid albums, thumbnail layouts and various other functions and special effects to elevate your WordPress site. The pro version of WP Gallery Bank is equipped with more than 200 features to give an eye-catching look to your website

16. Google Maps Photo Gallery

The plugin displays a gallery on Google Maps with geotagged photos that has been uploaded to post. When clicked the photo on the gallery, zoom in image with lightbox.

17. Photo Gallery by Supsystic

This plugin stands out due to the unique image customization features that it offers, apart from the standard stuff that you’d expect from a WordPress gallery plugin.

For instance, you can customize every image by setting a shadow, border, or caption. You also get different gallery styles. Finally, all galleries are responsive and mobile-friendly.

18. WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery  brings your store to life with a beautifully stylish sliding image gallery on every product page.

Science has proven that Product images have a massive impact on your stores conversion rates. WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery will bring your stores static image display to life.

19. Facebook Photo Fetcher

Facebook Photo Fetcher is a handy WordPress plugin to create photo galleries from a facebook album automatically. Some of its noteworthy features are simple PHP template functions, fully customizable galleries and a built-in light box. You also don ‘t require a database table to give a stylish look to your website with this plugin

20. Simplest Gallery Plugin

Now, we are going to end this collection with final simple choice – Simplest Gallery. The beauty of this plugin is in the way it works so seamlessly with the regular core gallery functionality. Just install and activate to enjoy a really nice jQuery fancy box effect on your existing galleries. This little plugin also offers a range of other gallery styles such as LightView, Cycle Slideshow, etc. You can add these formats freely by adding its add-on plugins.

21. Gallery Manager

Fancy Gallery enables you to organize image galleries easily in your WordPress back-end. Furthermore this gallery plugin adds a JavaScript lightbox effect (touch-enabled, responsive, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers) to all links pointing to an image anywhere on your website.