10 Best Popular Posts Plugins for WordPress

In this post we’d like to show 10+ best Free WordPress Popular Posts Plugins which have premium like features and easy to use. Have a look!

Popular post section can be very effective in engaging your readers and increase the number of page views which is really important for any website from the SEO perspective. With increased page views, it will bring you more opportunity for conversion and revenue as well as loyal readership and social sharing that will eventually improve the overall quality of your site.

Another very important benefit which you will get as a result of increased page views is the improved position in the search results because the popular posts will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your site to a huge extent which is really important for Google.

01. Jetpack by WordPress.com

We can’t start this list without looking at the elephant in the room. Jetpack by WordPress.com is installed on over 1,000,000 websites, and by default, those sites all have access to the Top Posts & Pages Widget – one of its many features. The Top Posts & Pages Widget can display either the most liked posts, or the posts with the most traffic in the previous 48 hours.

Jetpack comes with an Extra Sidebar Widgets feature that can be enabled under Jetpack > Settings in the WordPress admin. Once that is done, the widget will show up under Appearance -> Widgets, and can be dragged onto any sidebar you choose. You can configure the widget to display up to ten items as a text list, image list, or image grid.

The widget can be displayed in posts and pages by using a shortcode, which includes parameters to change the options. Additionally, if you are comfortable with code, it is possible to further customize the widget.

02. WordPress Popular Posts

Next on our list is the very popular WordPress Popular Posts plugin, which is installed on over 200,000 websites and has a 4.5-star satisfaction rating. “Easy to customize” and “easy to use” are the terms that get used most often for this plugin.

WordPress Popular Posts enables several widgets to be added, each with its own settings, which is especially useful given the range of options available. You can display popular posts within specified time ranges, including custom post types, and with or without thumbnails. Posts can be displayed based on number of comments, number of views, or average views per day.

If you don’t want to use the widget, a shortcode is available to insert the most popular posts within your site’s content. Alternatively, you can use the template tag to embed the most popular posts anywhere in your theme.

03. Top 10

Top 10 popular posts plugin for WordPress is another strong candidate in our list of the best popular posts plugins. As far as the features are concerned it matches WordPress Popular Posts and even adds some more features. Top 10 also comes with a highly configurable widget that you can add to your sidebar and feature your best posts.

04. WP Tab Widget

WP Tab Widget provides you with a selection of tabs you can use in your sidebar. Over 80,000 websites have it installed, and a 4.8-star satisfaction rating suggests people are pretty happy with it. You can display any of the tabs offered by the widget, which are Popular posts, Recent posts, Comments, and Tags.

You can set the number of posts to display, whether to enable pagination, and what post information to display. You can also customize the CSS to better match your theme if required.

This plugin is designed to be very lightweight, loading content on demand, and has an built-in caching system.

05. Stylish Popular Posts

If you are looking for a free yet attractive and professional looking popular post widget, this is the plugin you need. This plugin puts all the focus on styling the widget keeping everything else basic.

You can write your own title for the widget as well as select the number of posts a per your requirement. As this plugin uses custom thumbnail size, you can use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate the required thumbnail size.

06. WP Most Popular

This next plugin keeps things simple. WP Most Popular was designed to do nothing else besides rank your most popular blog posts by number of views, and display them in the sidebar or elsewhere in your theme. With over 10,000 active installs and a 4.9-star satisfaction rating, it seems to do that one thing well.

If you are comfortable with code or want to insert the list of popular posts somewhere else in your theme, you can add a custom function to your theme and use filters and actions to further customize the output.

07. Top Stories

Another beautiful premium plugin to show the top stories from your blog in the sidebar. It comes with a very attractive design that will easily grab the attention of your visitors and increase the click-through rate.

As far as the posts are concerned, you can select the post for the week, last 15 days or the month as per your requirement. And you can filter out content based on categories, post types as well as duration.

08. Popular Widget

Similar to the WP Tab Widget, Popular Widget displays popular posts, recent comments, and tags in a tabbed widget. Over 10,000 active installs and a 4.6-star satisfaction rating make this plugin a popular choice.

The Popular Widget can display popular posts by most commented or most viewed, and the posts can be filtered by date range, author, or category. Display options for the widget include whether to display thumbnails, excerpts, and counts.

09. Popularity Posts Widget

Popularity Posts Widget is a simpler popular posts plugin. Unlike the first two plugins in our list, Popularity Posts Widget does not come with a dedicated settings page. It has fewer options and a powerful widget. Simply drag and drop the widget and configure the settings.

10. Post Hit Counter

The name and description for the Post Hit Counter plugin are very straightforward – it is a counter to track how many times your posts are viewed. Of course, it is in our list because it does more than just count – it also enables you to display a list of the most viewed posts. With over 5,000 active installs, it is not as popular as the others we have covered so far, but it has a 4.8-star satisfaction rating.

What is useful with this plugin is that it adds a visible hit counter to the posts list table, the admin bar, and the post edit screen in the WordPress Admin. The most viewed posts are also displayed in a dashboard widget so you can keep an eye on them without diving deep into your site analytics.